Thursday, November 17, 2016

Three Organizations That Offer Travel Opportunities to Volunteers


Benjamin Perlin contributes to the community by actively participating in volunteer work. Dedicated to a life of service, Ben Perlin works toward the vision of charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Tennessee State Veterans' Homes, and Second Harvest Food Bank. Benjamin Perlin also finds a sense of fulfillment when traveling.

While others travel for leisure, some travel in order to do volunteer work. Here are three organizations that provide opportunities for traveling volunteers:

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) - Volunteers are deployed to any of its 53 host countries, to fulfill farming duties for a period of time. WWOOF provides volunteers with board and lodging throughout their stay.

Conservation Volunteers - Based in Australia and New Zealand, this organization seeks the help of volunteers in protecting habitats in local and international locations. Volunteers are required to contribute a small participation fee in exchange for food and lodging.

Peace Corps - This organization relies on volunteers to implement its projects in different countries. To become a Peace Corps volunteer, individuals should be residents of the United States and willing to commit to a 27-month long placement program.